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Everything You Should Know about Apple’s One-Year Warranty 

Understanding Apple’s one-year warranty is crucial for protecting your devices. This guide provides essential information about Apple’s warranty, including coverage, terms, and available options.

Apple’s one-year limited warranty goes beyond consumer law. This warranty does not substitute consumer rights, nevertheless. Apple owners can use consumer rights or Apple’s one-year limited warranty.

Apple’s warranty applies to devices purchased from Apple retail stores or authorized resellers. Quality and material problems are covered for one year after purchase. Apple’s usage instructions are essential.

Apple products and accessories in their original packaging are covered for quality and material faults. It does not cover third-party items, accidental damage, misuse, or non-Apple hardware or software. Only manufacturing problems cover shattered screens, scratches, and liquid damage.

If your device’s battery health drops below 80% within the first year of ownership, Apple may replace it under warranty. You can schedule an appointment for battery replacement at an authorized Apple Store or service provider.

Apple recommends using internet resources before requesting warranty service. If the problem persists, contact Apple’s customer service or an Apple store. Apple will evaluate the warranty and discuss options, including repairing with genuine components, replacing, or refunding.

Typically, a receipt or invoice serves as proof of purchase. However, alternative evidence, such as the purchased account, a copy of the receipt, or the device’s serial number, can be provided if the original ticket is unavailable.

The one-year warranty begins on the purchase date, and if desired, AppleCare+ can be purchased within 60 days of the original purchase to extend the warranty period.

It is recommended to consult Apple’s official documentation or to contact customer support for the most accurate and current information.