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How does Apple TV work?


Technique from the famous American brand is always in demand, which is not surprising. After all, it combines the original design and unlimited spectrum of functionality. Now let’s see what Apple TV is and how it works. As a result, each user will understand whether it makes sense to spend money on the purchase of this gadget.

What is Apple TV?

In short, Apple TV is a device designed to broadcast media content from the iTunes Store and other online services to the TV screen. Why do users buy this gadget? Apple TV will turn the most ordinary TV into a smart device. Additional functionality that will be available to the user immediately after the connection is the following:

  • access to the library of high-quality video content, which is stored on special resources;
  • broadcasting multimedia content to the TV screen from smartphones, tablets, music players, and other devices running Windows and Mac OS;
  • access to an impressive storage of audio tracks, podcasts, images, video games.

Apple TV console works on the principle of streaming media content. The latest models of this type of device have a limited amount of internal memory. Therefore, you should store the content in the cloud or on removable media: flash drives, external hard drives.

The gadget is equipped with a built-in adapter for wireless Internet connection. Therefore, after connecting the console, the user will be able to connect the TV to the wireless home network, even if it did not initially support Wi-Fi. You will not require additional wires or adapters to configure the connection.

Analyzing the features of Apple TV, we cannot ignore the performance. Content in UHD and Full HD format is played without any delay. Multichannel sound will make watching movies even more exciting. The stream buffer is 8 GB of flash memory. These devices are equipped with a powerful Apple A5 processor.

Use Apple TV as a TV console

The device operates under the iOS operating system. The desktop of the console is almost the same as iPod or iPhone. Practice shows that with an easy-to-use user interface, there are no problems. All desktop icons are signed. The only inconvenience is text entering from the remote control. It is not equipped with a keyboard. Therefore, you can type by selecting letters on the joystick, the screen displays the keyboard.

There are several ways to solve the problem described above. You can connect a wireless keyboard or smartphone to the console. You must first install the Remote application on iPhone, iPad. You can download this program from the Apple Store. In addition to entering text, you can use your smartphone as a game joystick.


The main idea of ​​creating Apple TV was to use content from the iTunes Store and Apple Music on the TV. The console has a store with interesting movies and music, and its design is specially adjusted to your screen.

You can not only purchase, but also rent movies for 48 hours. As a rule, renting a movie is the best solution that allows you to view the movie in good quality in real time. Moreover, when you activate family access, you can view what your family members have acquired.

Many movies are free and you can watch them in online cinemas downloaded from the App Store on Apple TV.

Thanks to Apple TV, you can listen to music from iTunes from your PC connected to the same network as the Wi-fi console.

Photo and music

Due to the service Apple Music console is a great modern media player, which has millions of music tracks, as well as your personal music collection.

In “Radio” option you will find more than two hundred different stations and brand one – Beats 1.

Broadcasting is all day and night, the best DJs work for you, the music is always fresh, and experts selecting quality material work here. This indicates that everyone will find here something for their own interests.

Moreover, with the help of the console, you can view your photos and videos placed in iCloud on the TV screen. Also right there you can watch the latest updates of your friends.

Other features

Thanks to the app store, you can download various games and applications through the console.

Also it is necessary to say about the programs of other developers for watching streaming clips, as well as online cinemas. For example, this is YouTube, different online cinemas to play files in any format, and so on.

Playing on Apple TV is very convenient. You can play using the remote control with a sensor. It has accelerometer and gyroscope. Or you can play the game with the help of a other controller.

Air Play

Air Play is the best option on Apple TV. This technology can show video or play sound through a gadget or PC. The image is broadcast from the display device online, which is quite useful for games. By the way, some programs are specially optimized for Apple TV, that is, for example, the phone shows control buttons, and an image is displayed on the television. You can also use Air Play from your PC.

You can send movies from ITunes, use the device audio system instead of a PC, or set up a TV for this purpose. This functionality is also available for Windows users but with the Air Parrot utility.