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How long does an unused iPhone battery last?

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Each iPhone comes with a lithium-ion battery. It helps to charge the iPhone quickly, to work longer, and to weigh less. However, everyone who buys the new iPhone expects to have long battery life and don’t bother in the future. You should remember that the battery time of usage depends on the iPhone model. Of course, the newer your phone, the better the battery but not always. There are more important things that affect the battery lifetime besides his model. It’s the way of charging the device, the time of use, and your care about it. Reading this post can give you important knowledge that will help you to avoid problems with the iPhone.

What is the typical estimated life of every iPhone?

The number of charges on the iPhone is from 300 to 500 times. It is a classic for every model. In other words, if you use the device correctly, the battery life will be working for 2-3 years. After using the iPhone for more than 3-4 years the battery malfunction decreased by 50%. To learn about battery status you need to open the “Settings” – “Battery” – “Battery Percentage”. Then you should think about battery replacement. Don’t hurry to replace the “native” battery because the replaced one may work worse. However, it is difficult to take care of the phone very well, for example, sometimes we need to hurry and we put the iPhone on the charger for a couple of minutes. It is very bad because you should charge the device from 1% to 100% without breaks. But Apple doesn’t advise us to bring the charge to 100%. Just up to 80% maximum. It is good for Don’t put your device on the charger for the whole night. If you put the iPhone on the charger and interrupt charging about 3-4 times every day, the battery will be destroyed very quickly. Another reason for small battery life is the usage time of the iPhone during the day. Of course, the longer you use your phone, sit on social networks, watch videos, and listen to music, the faster your phone runs out. The most important reason which affects the battery is downloading. The percentage of the battery will reduce quickly. To save iPhone 11 battery life to the next charging you should reduce the brightness on the screen, disable Bluetooth, and other functions that are not needed now. Turn on the airplane mode if there is very little charging left. Try not to use wireless charging iPhone cases. Wireless charging creates excess heat, which, as you already know, harms the battery. You also may use power-saving mode if your iPhone battery is low and you want to save it. By the way, iPhones don’t like low and hot temperatures. The most comfortable temperature for your device is 15°C. If you live in hot territory, the battery capacity is likely to decrease faster.

We have collected all the tips which were verified by real people. Following this advice means saving your battery life for maximum. You should take into account these tips and you will forget about changing the battery!