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How Many Cycles iPhone 7 Battery

How Many Cycles iPhone 7-Battery

Phone charge cycles is a numerical value that shows how many times the device has been fully charged and discharged. To understand how long the battery will last, you need to determine its service life. Next, we’ll talk about how to find out the number of iPhone charging cycles.

     The average performance for Apple smartphones is 500 times. After reaching this indicator, the smartphone battery wears out by 30% and requires more frequent charging. The average user comes to this mark after about two years. These data are averaged, in practice, it all depends on the functions that the owner resorts to and the frequency of their use. Below there are ways to find out how many iPhone 7 charging cycles have passed since the purchase.

     After five hundred recharges, the phone does not become faulty but requires several charges per day. The solution is to change the battery.

      How to find out the number of iPhone 7 charges

     How to check the number of iPhone 7 charging cycles? Unfortunately, you can obtain only approximate information. You can find out how many charges cycles your iPhone 7 had in several ways:

  • Install on iPhone 7 a utility for diagnosing the battery from the application store
  • Connect the device to a computer-based on macOS or Windows and use one of the specialized programs
  • Contact the official service center or any phone repair shop (paid service)

      Mobile app

      You can find out the number of iPhone 7 battery charging cycles using the free Battery Life app. It is available on the App Store.

  • Open the utility. After starting, the main screen appears, showing the percentage of battery wear.
  • Go to “Raw Data”. Numerical data will be displayed, among which you can find “Cycles”.

      Computer program

      For checking iPhone 7 charging cycles using a computer, use one of the programs:

  • iTools
  • CoconutBattery
  • iBackupBot
  • DiskAid
  • PP 25

      How to extend battery life

      Over time, battery performance drops. But you can extend the term of iPhone 7 operation if you follow a few tips.

      1. Use only original chargers and check their condition before usage.

      2. Maintain the iPhone 7 charge and not allow the device to completely discharge.

     3. Try less often to use a smartphone in the heat and in the cold.      If you need professional help, quality work, reliable warranty, and reasonable price – feel free to choose Mr. Fix.