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How much does it cost to fix iPhone glass and screen?

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The cost for replacing the front glass on an iPhone depend on where you’re going to fix the device. You should know that replacing the front glass on your iPhone often means that the screen must be changed as well. Therefore, you’ll need a service that can replace both screen and glass on your iPhone at low cost.

How much exactly will it cost you to repair your iPhone glass? Let’s consider several options to find the optimum quality-price ratio.

Get Apple to Repair the Front Glass

Unfortunately, standard warranty doesn’t cover the expenses if you dropped or hit your iPhone. Apple will only repair a cracked screen for money.

If you paid for AppleCare+, then it won’t cost too much to replace the shattered front glass and screen. Currently the price is $29 for such a repair for any iPhone model, including the series SE, 6/6s, 7/7s, 8/8s, and X.

But Apple can offer that low price for screen and glass repair only twice under AppleCare+ extended warranty. If your iPhone’s front glass was shattered for the third time, Apple will charge you $129 up to $279 depending on the model. That’s a substantial amount of money. If you want to economize, you may look for a different repair service.

Get Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair to Replace the Front Glass

If you didn’t pay for AppleCare+, or if you’ve run out of the two low-cost repairs covered by AppleCare+, you can still spend less than $100 to fix the cracked front glass and screen. In fact, with Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair you can spend $89 to replace the front glass and screen on your iPhone – both labor and the new parts are included in the price. And that’s almost twice less for a repair than if you used AppleCare+ (iPhone 8 front glass and screen repair costs $169).

In all, to fix the front glass and screen on an iPhone, you should use your AppleCare+ subscription if you paid for it. Otherwise, you’ll benefit from our service, as we’ll fix your iPhone at lower cost than Apple while maintaining the same quality.