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How to clear App cache on iPhone (An Easy, Helpful Guide)

If you own an iPhone and use apps or a web browser, you may have observed that they consume considerable storage space. One explanation for this is temporary data known as cache, which helps material load more quickly. But, with time, this cache can slow down your device’s performance. Consequently, it is advisable to clear it out periodically.

How to clear the iPhone app cache

Erasing temporary application data:
Some iOS applications allow you to erase their cache from the settings menu. Open the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone, locate the app whose cache you wish to remove, tap it, and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Here is a switch labelled ‘Clear temporary data on next start.’ To clear the cache of an application, activate it and start it from the home screen. To avoid scrolling, you can also search for the app’s name within the settings.

Transferring supported apps:

Using the offload option on supported applications is another approach to free up space. This option deletes the application and all temporary and hidden storage space used by the application. The archive stores all user data and documents, such as media files. To utilise this feature, open the ‘Settings’ app, scroll down to ‘General,’ and tap ‘iPhone storage.’ Choose the app whose cache you wish to remove, then tap ‘Offload App.’ Confirm the request to uninstall and reinstall the app from the App Store. Once the installation is complete, all data will be restored.

Clear iPhone browser cache:

Safari: Choose “Safari” in “Settings”. Choose “Clear History and Website Data” to delete browser history, cache, and cookies.

Chrome: Launch the app, hit the “3-dot” menu, select “History,” choose the time range and tap “Clear browsing data.”

Edge: Choose “Settings,” “Privacy,” and “Clear browsing data” from the app’s “3-dot” menu. Choose “cache” and other data to erase, then click “Clear browsing data.”

In conclusion, we can say that clearing the iPhone cache can free up storage and make your smartphone perform faster.