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How to repair the iPhone Home button?

iphone home button not working

iPhone’s Home button only works with the original button that comes with the device. When something goes wrong, it loses the ability to use Touch ID and return to the home screen. However, the return feature to the home screen will be reinstated if you use the unique charging port flex cable.

Suppose you discovered that “Touch ID cannot be activated on your iPhone. Or, when we touch the Home button, we see that the ability to go back to the home screen is also inoperable.

Go to Touch ID & Password under Settings. The option to Add Fingerprints is disabled. Therefore, the Home button on this iPhone is broken.

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For replacement, the following components and implements are needed:

  1. A customized flex cable 
  2. A Spudger
  3. Straight tweezers

You must first disassemble your iPhone to repair the Home button. First, pull out the logic board and display part. Then take off the charging port flex cable, speaker, and Taptic engine. The Taptic engine and speaker should be placed after the new charging port flex cable. The second component is now available: a personalized Home Button Flex Cable. You can mount it by folding it in half, installing it, connecting the logic board, and finishing. The final step is placing the Home button in its designated location and connecting the logic board and display component.

Turn on the iPhone, hit the Home button, and connect the battery connector to the logic board. The ability to return to the home screen has been restored. The phone can be folded, and the Home button will still work. It must be pressed along with the Power button to take a screenshot.

Testing of this unique charging port flex cable, however, uncovered several mistakes:

1. Lightning-connector headphones aren’t functional.

2. The Home button is less comfortable to touch than the original button.

3. Vibration is not used to indicate returning to the home screen.

4. Touch ID is not offered.

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