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How to repair the Samsung Galaxy battery?

Samsung A71

The battery is the main resource of the phone that may be quickly destroyed after every day’s incorrect use. It can be damaged due to the influence of cold and hot temperatures, interruption of device charging, liquid entering the device, and, in general, any device is not durable. Therefore, it needs to be changed. Fortunately, it is not difficult and expensive to change the battery. Today’s article is going to be about the price and process of repairing the Samsung Galaxy battery. 

How to save Samsung Galaxy battery life?

Every day we make stupid mistakes that lead to spoiling the phone battery. Of course, no one battery can be durable but there is a list of important tips you should follow to prolong its life. 

  1. Don’t interrupt the process of charging more than 3 times during the day. Such a way can damage the battery. After a while, the phone will stop charging at all;
  1. A large number of installed applications can also affect battery life. Switch on the device in safe mode to understand how applications affect the performance. If you consider the changes, delete some unnecessary application and games to improve battery work;
  1. Decrease the brightness of the screen. The high resolution of the brightness makes the phone very overloaded, therefore, it runs out quickly. The automatic brightness setting is a very convenient option because the phone sets the saturation to the brightness but it doesn’t save the battery;
  1. If you don’t use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, or mobile Internet, turn them off, they consume a lot of energy;
  1. An unoriginal charger for the smartphone may badly affect battery performance. Chargers with fast charging mode have a high need for volts and can damage the accumulator. Be sure, it is better to charge your smartphone slower and safely. To speed up the charging process, you need to charge it in the off mode. By the way, it is undesirable to charge your phone fully. Samsung Galaxy has modern Li-Ion or Li-Pol batteries. The full discharge is harmful to this type of battery. Therefore, charge the device as in normal use.

By the way, many people are worried about night charging because they think that such a way can destroy their gadget. It is an outdated myth because modern phones have the ability to stop the current. 

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy S7 battery?

Samsung uses a 3000 mAh battery with an operating time of about one and a half days. If the device starts working for less than one day, shows jumps in percentage of the charge level, or completely turns off suddenly, then its battery needs to be replaced. Like all Galaxy models, Samsung S7 has a lithium-ion battery. On average, the number of battery cycles is 400-500, so it can last 3-5 years depending on the environment and how the phone is charged. Sometimes people don’t want to change their device because they are used to it. But the accumulator life is destroyed and it requires replacement. Of course, the changed battery isn’t as high quality as the factory. However, it can restore phone life by 80%. Mr Fix can help you with this problem. The replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy S7 (Premium) will cost you $70.00 and will take 1-2 hours. Bring your phone to us and our technicians diagnose your device to know about all malfunctions. 

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy S8 battery?

You can replace the battery on your phone by yourself, well, this is very risky because you can damage the most important elements of the phone. However, if you decide to replace the accumulator or just want to know about the process of replacing it, we have written step-by-step instructions. 

  1. First, switch off your Samsung Galaxy S8 and remove the sim card;
  1. Remove the back cover. The back cover is glued to the frame. Heat the device with hot air from a hairdryer to soften the glue. Then carefully try to remove the back cover using a flat and blunt tool. You may use the suction cup to remove the glass easily;
  1. After removing the back cover, carefully lift it and detach the fingerprint sensor. Pay attention to glue residues – these must be removed to re-glue during assembly;
  1. Remove the adhesive-taped battery from the tray. Then put in a new Samsung battery. Try to do it all carefully. Connect the battery to the motherboard. Insert the contact into the connector on the motherboard until you hear a characteristic click;
  1. Tighten 14 screws. Put the fingerprint scanner in its place. You can put a book or other object to make the glue stick well. Insert the SIM card tray back into the device. Make sure the tray is positioned correctly.

As you can see, it is not difficult to replace the battery by yourself but there is a risk to damage important components. If you are doing this for the first time and you know nothing about the components of the phone, it is better to bring it for repair to Mr Fix Cell Phone & Computer Repair

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy S9 battery?

Samsung has given the Galaxy S9 a 3,000mAh battery – exactly like the Galaxy S8. The replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy S9 (Premium) will cost you $70.00 and will take from 1 to 2 hours. Mr Fix is the best option for people who hurry up and need quality service. Generally, Samsung Galaxy models don’t differ from each other by the battery, perhaps with a capacity. They need to be replaced every several years. If you often use your phone for the desired purposes, the battery capacity can quickly degrade. This is normal for all types of phones.

How to repair the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery?

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a Li-Ion 3400 mAh battery. However, it can be replaced easily as any Samsung Galaxy model. Bring your phone to us and get the best service. Adaptive battery mode was invented for Samsung for the first time. It means that you can use your phone longer. The price of a replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S10 (Premium) is the same – $70.00. Open the main menu, choose the model of your phone, and learn about different services we can provide you. 

How to repair Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery?

The developers put a 3300 mAh battery into the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is much smaller than the previous version of the device. This phone was tested by many people and it switched off after 4-5 hours of use during the day. It is not comforting and people need to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery every 2-3 years. And this is very uncomfortable because the gadget works very well. To replace the battery in this smartphone, you need to use our service. The replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy S10 (Premium) costs $70.00. 

We provide services for any phone model. To find your phone, click on the main menu and choose it. Battery replacement is the most popular service because many people want to save their gadgets. Learn more about your device with Mr Fix!