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One Trick to Charge Your iPhone Quickly!

Here’s one simple and easy trick to charge your iPhone faster than you could imagine. 

So, you have an iPhone but never got the luck to charge it faster? Well! What if there’s a solution, but you still haven’t discovered it? 

All iPhones starting from iPhone 6, can be charged quickly when you plug them into a beefier wall adapter. Macrumors.com also confirms this trick. According to them, this method can charge your iPhone 6 from 10% to full in just 2 hours. 

Therefore, this trick charges your phone more than the normal speed. So, trying this solution can swiftly charge your device if you’re in a hurry. Another good news is that this trick can be applied to 10 to 12-watt adapters.

Moreover, you can also use this technique to charge your Macbook with a USB type C power supply and iPad Pro. 

Note: Apple prefers using the original chargers to prevent damage. So, we suggest you stick with its own charger if you plan to use this trick.