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Pro Tips to Fix MacBook Pro Overheating Issue

If your MacBook Pro is experiencing overheating problems, try these pro tips to resolve the issue:

Use Activity Monitor:
Open Activity Monitor to identify resource-intensive programs. Remove or replace these applications to reduce CPU usage and prevent overheating.

Check chargers:
Ensure the laptop’s casing allows for proper heat dissipation. Opt for vented designs or slim cases that facilitate better airflow. Also, use certified chargers to avoid potential overheating caused by uncertified ones.

Reset the SMC:
Resetting the MacBook Pro’s SMC controls thermals. Shut down the notebook, then press and hold the shift + option + control keys and the power button for ten seconds. Power on the notebook and check if the issue persists.

Declutter storage:
Excessive files and cluttered storage can lead to overheating. Remove unnecessary files and organize your MacBook Pro’s storage to improve performance and prevent overheating.

Keep macOS updated:
Software updates often address performance and bug-related issues, including overheating. Check for the latest macOS updates in the system to ensure your MacBook Pro is running the latest version.

Check the cooling fan:
Faulty or damaged cooling fans can cause overheating. Start Apple Hardware Test / Apple Diagnostics by pressing the key while starting your Mac. Check the fan’s status during the test. If the fan needs repair, contact a professional MacBook Pro repair centre.

Seek professional assistance:
If none of those mentioned tips resolves the overheating problem, it is advisable to consult a trusted MacBook Pro repair centre like Mr Fix. Their experienced technicians can diagnose and fix the issue effectively.