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Why Is My IPhone Losing Battery Power So Fast?

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Modern gadgets are much better than the models sold on the market ten years ago. However, in some ways, they are inferior to old standard phones. The battery of the iPhone 8 can quickly discharge, so their owners have to sit in a cafe at a table not far from the outlet, and at work fight for an extension cord with colleagues puzzled by the same problem. Few people know that the right setup will give an iPhone two days of battery life. One has only to follow a few extremely simple rules.

IPhone Application Management

It is not surprising that the phone discharges and heats up with a large number of turned on programs. Many users, when finishing work, do not close them, but simply collapse. Modern programs are multifunctional, but their operation requires significant energy consumption. Use only what you really need at a particular moment. Eliminate unnecessary apps and see how much easier your phone works. 

The phone spends most of its energy on running games. If you see that there are only a few percent left on the charge and are waiting for an important call, it is better to resist the temptation to go to your favorite entertainment application. It is worth opening it only if you are sure that you can put the device on recharge.

GPS in iPhone

It is also worth turning off geolocation in unnecessary programs. In most cases, smartphones of new models are quickly discharged due to the fault of GPS.

iPhone notifications and updates

Excessive notifications not only annoy and distract from important things, they also “eat up” the battery. To disable them, open “Settings”, go to the “Notifications” folder and uncheck the “Allow notifications” activation from unnecessary applications.

From the 8th version of iOS, applications are automatically updated even when closed. On the one hand, it is convenient, but the battery suffers from such an innovation. If the function is not fundamentally important to you, deselect it through “Settings” – “General” – “Content update”.

It is worth turning off the automatic downloads of programs, books, and music. Apps purchased on Mac or iPad are downloaded via 3G or Wi-Fi. Despite all the advantages of this feature, it drains the charge a lot. Deselect it by going from the settings menu to the “iTunes Store, App Store” tab. Then the download of files will not happen spontaneously.

Photostream in iPhone smartphones

Photo Stream is part of the iCloud service. New photos are automatically uploaded to the cloud if Wi-Fi is on. This is a useful and convenient feature, but you have to pay for it with a quickly discharged phone. If you rarely use it, go from Settings to iCloud and Photos. Disable the function so as not to transfer dozens of photos in vain. 

A couple of iPhone secrets

There are a few more tips to help you keep your phone charged:

  • Do not set maximum brightness. Choose a mode where everything is clearly visible, but images and text do not ripple in the eyes.
  • Perform battery calibration using the HD Pro Battery software. This application will collect battery statistics. So it will be possible to track changes in the period of the phone’s operation.
  • When going on vacation outside the city, but the device in standby mode. So it will not be discharged on the first day, and you will be able to make calls at the required moment for several days.

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